Saturday, May 23, 2015

steam train, canal ship and streetcar in Houston, Texas, circa 1924

container transport from door to door poster, Denmark, 1970s

Soviet racing car stamps, 1980

'there's so much to discover in books'

American Overseas Airlines poster, 1946

Originally American Export Airlines, this was merged into American Airlines in 1945 and renamed. On 25 September 1950, AOA was merged into what would become Pan American's Atlantic Division. This unit would ultimately become part of Delta Air Lines.

ships at Onehunga Wharf, Auckland, early 20th century

For lots more, see the book The Era of Coastal Shipping in New Zealand (this book has almost sold out).

1975 Chrysler Cordoba

Kalgoorlie station, Western Australia, 1920s

The station was opened in 1896 after the completion of the cape gauged line from Perth (655 km); with the completion of the standard gauged Trans-Australian Railway from the east in 1917 it became a break of gauge station until dual gauging between Perth and Kalgoorlie was completed in 1968.  Kalgoorlie is a major goldmining centre. See earlier posts on the Prospector and the Indian Pacific.

Missed the Target

From a viral e-mail

European road signs and the full pictures