Friday, August 29, 2014

1950 Ford Thames 5-ton truck, England

1961 Ford Econoline advert

like a castle - the former Santa Fe depot at Shawnee, Oklahoma

This was built over 1902-1903 and was operational as a train depot until 1973 when it was bought by the town. It currently houses the Pottawatomie County Historical Society and an abundance of artifacts and information about the history of the county.  Museum website

horse trams in Santos, Brazil, 1910s

Postmarked 1920, which seems rather late for horse trams; most had been replaced with electricity by 1910.

100 years since NZ captured the German colony of Western Samoa

On 29 August 1914, in what was NZ troops' first action during WW1, a 1374-strong "Advance Party NZEF" captured German Samoa, for details see the book Voyage to Gallipoli.

NZ continued to rule Western Samoa until 1962 and as a result there are many Samoans in NZ today. In the 1930s, the Nazis made a big issue of the loss of Germany's former colonies, although this was almost certainly for political purposes and in reality it's unlikely they cared about them; grabbing territory in the east of Europe was Hitler's objective.

Nevertheless, there is the question why Western Samoa wasn't given to the USA after the war which would have made more sense considering America already had the eastern islands which remain an American territory.

and now a broadcasting election debate

We have mentioned before the government's scrapping of funding for public service TV, which has been one of the more petty of the present government's spending cuts.  The present government has made balancing the public books its main priority, among other things by reducing the number of public servants by about 20% on average, and substantially increasing government charges across the board.  The result is that you have to pay a lot more for a much inferior service.

1952 Bristol 401

A comprehensive history of Bristol cars 1946-2011 is on the firm's website.

Thursday, August 28, 2014