Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hamas music video 'The Roof of the Bus Goes Flying'

Doesn't this Muslim terrorist group based in the Gaza Strip know that Muslims aren't supposed to listen to music? Perhaps there is an exception if it is in the cause of their war on civilisation.

The bus referred to is any Israeli bus and the lyrics, subtitled, speak for themselves.  Will it be on the playlist of Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama and other Islamic terrorism deniers?

cars in Mercedes, Texas, early 1950s

pulled-over gas pump

One of those many drivers who take off without replacing the nozzle.

It doesn't say much for the fastening at the base - but the strength of the hose is impressive!

Swedish X2000 train in America

"As Amtrak explored the development of high-speed rail in the early 1990s, it leased two European high-speed trainsets for testing: the Swedish X2000 and the German Intercity Express (ICE). Both trainsets were used in revenue service on the southern portion of the Northeast Corridor in 1993. The equipment was also put on display in cities across the country.

"Designed and built by Asea Brown Boveri, Inc. for the Swedish State Railways, the X2000 shown above was tested by Amtrak because it could travel at higher speeds than conventional trains on existing main line track; unlike contemporary French and Japanese high-speed trainsets, it did not require new, dedicated tracks.

"The image shows the X2000 making test runs in November 1992 on the Keystone Corridor between the Amtrak stations at Lancaster and Parkesburg."

1939 Buick convertible

See earlier posts.

is the Republican hierarchy worried by Trump's win in New Hampshire?

It's the impression your editor got from this e-mail this morning:

"You have been selected from your zip code to participate in the Official GOP Post-New Hampshire survey. Our Party wants to know who YOU WANT TO WIN the presidency.

"Vote by clicking on your favorite candidate: [followed by a list of the GOP candidates in the race]"

On the Democrat side, the race is simply between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

tourist bookings for Turkey drop 40% because of terrorism fears

Thomson and First Choice owner TUI revealed their shocking figures today, which follow a dramatic drop in sales to Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh.

Last month a suspected ISIS bombing killed 10 people in Istanbul, in the latest of a spate of blasts in the city and across the country.

All of those who died were German tourists, heavily denting German holiday bookings to Turkey, said TUI.

Sun searchers are instead opting for holidays in Spain and the Canary island, according to the travel giant.