Sunday, August 31, 2014

trams in Fontainebleau, France, circa 1900

This town had a metre gauge electric system from 1896 to 1953. According to this webpage, "Huit petites motrices à deux essieux de trente-six places, à plates-formes ouvertes, munies de deux moteurs de 25 CV assurèrent l'exploitation. Cas peu courant en France, la prise de courant s'effectuait par un archet. Six remorques complétaient le parc. En 1910, un parc complémentaire de trois motrices numérotées 12 à 14 fut ajouté. Elles reposaient sur un truck Brill de 2,40 m d'empattement. Cette dernière série était partiellement vestibulée et pouvait transporter trente-neuf voyageurs." (Eight small power cars with two axles, 36 seats, open platforms and two 25 hp motors provided the initial service. Unusually in France at the time, the current collection was with an archet pole. Six trailers completed the fleet.  In 1910 three more power cars numbered 12 to 14 were added.  They rested on a Brill truck of 2.4 metres wheelbase. This small series had a partial vestibule and could transport 39 passengers.)

1967 Chrysler Town and Country

1952 Ford Thames Trader

1951 Marmon Herrington trolley buses

more Muslim nuttiness

According to this, in Syrian cities it presently controls, ISIS has among other things decreed that in cattle markets the hind quarters of goats and sheep must be covered with cloth, as the sight of uncovered genitals could give men sinful thoughts.

They must know.