Friday, August 28, 2015

Winterthur trolleybuses, Switzerland, 1950s

Seen in the Bahnhofplatz (railway station place). This city's first trolleybus line opened in December 1938 as a tram replacement and and today the system consists of 3 lines.  More info

streetcar safety

'No jumping!' -- on an old Polish matchbox.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

trains and ships at San Pedro Harbor, Los Angeles County, circa 1910

1937 Riley Nine Monaco Saloon

Britten-Norman-2A Islander

Seen in Invercargill in the mid-1980s.

work on the Auckland underground rail loop is expected to start in November

According to Radio NZ, the final legal obstacle has been dismissed and work on the $2.5 billion project will begin later this year. Auckland Transport said work on the tunnel along Albert Street would start next May.

Chief executive David Warburton told Morning Report tens to hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent buying property for the project.

The 3.6 km underground railway line will run from Britomart, through the CBD, to Mount Eden Station.

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Newark streetcar, New Jersey, circa 1910

Postcard publishers in those days didn't seem to like trolley wires and removed them. 'Bellville' should be spelled Belleville.  Some info is here

it may look nice, but it's also dangerous

Railroad tracks are for trains, not for playing on!