Saturday, April 18, 2015

Walmartians and transport themes

a latter day Elizabeth Bathory perhaps

is this a mobile home or is it the day's shopping?

Lots more pictures of Walmartians at

1934 Chrysler Airflow Series CU promo art

Europa-bus promo art, 1954

See earlier post.

trams on Queen Street, Brisbane, with the Victoria Bridge, 1939

The bridge has since been replaced and a tunnel now dives under the Queen Street behind the photographer, which is mostly a pedestrian mall. Plume was a brand of fuel, replaced with Mobilgas in 1954.

Cosmic bicycle wheels


'Flying Scotsman' route landscape art, 1932

Produced for an LNER brochure by Frank Mason. Presumably it has some basis in reality, a reader may know where it could be.

drone for doggies

From a viral e-mail.

Pacific Electric car and boxcars a long way from home, L.A., late 1950s

PE car number 413 with a Milwaukee Road and a Chicago and North Western boxcar on the left.  Precise location not stated.