Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tuborg tanker in Lyttelton, NZ

But although it's from København or Copenhagen, it wasn't transporting beer.  This Nick Tolerton is one of some 300 photos of Product Tankers that are in the big new reference book with this title co-authored by him and Mike Pryce and should be available in about 3 months.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SNCB 25.5 class electrics

A total 8 of these Bo-Bo type were built over 1960-1961, and modified over 1973 - 1974. Unit 2558 was the last of the eight.

"Class 25 was intended as a passenger engine. The main differences to Class 23 were the cables on the roof and the provision of wheelslip detection plus an improved starting system. The Class 25 roof cabling was later applied to all Class 22 and 23 locos as they passed through the works. They were painted dark blue with a yellow band low on the body. Unlike the other 1950's locomotives, Class 25.5's nose and side numbers plus their SNCB logos were in chrome rather than being painted on.

"The Class 25.5 was the first class on SNCB to be modified for push-pull operations followed by Class 25. In 1973 the last eight locomotives of Class 25, 2515-2522, received the dual voltage equipment from locomotives 2239-2250 and a third headlamp. They also had Dutch signalling and train protection fitted. Lastly, they were given push-pull equipment. This let them work into Holland hauling push-pull trains operating the Benelux intercity service between Brussels and Amsterdam. This sub-series was renumbered in order 2551-2558 and named Class 25.5."


Skoda 706 bus and trailer

Apparently, the trailer wasn't made by Skoda but in Poland, perhaps under Skoda license.

steam train crosses the Viaduc de Buech near Sisteron, France

No date but probably pre-WW1. On the line Valence - Die - Veynes-en-Dévoluy - Gap - Briançon

Friday, August 19, 2016

a terrified British motorist is attacked in Calais by a gang of chainsaw-wielding Muslim migrants who hurled concrete boulders at his car

These illegals should be put in concentration camps, ideally in Siberia.

A British motorist is warning tourists to avoid Calais after Muslim migrants wielding chainsaws smashed up his Mercedes and hurled petrol bombs in the road.

Rhys Williams, 53, was approaching the French port in the early hours when migrants from the sprawling jungle camp smashed his windows, causing up to £3,000 of damage.

They ran onto the road brandishing chainsaws and throwing Molotov cocktails at the police and passing traffic in scenes that he said 'resembled a war zone'.

Daily Mail (UK) article and video

French authorities can't continue to tolerate these Muslim criminals.

boats on Lake Geneva at Lausanne, Switzerland, poster, 1964

Ouchy is pronounced 'ooshy'.

1941 Cadillac

A Sixty Special?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

by the CdF Etat to the Sands of Olonne, France, poster

Age uncertain. See earlier post.

cars in Warsaw, Poland, 1960s

In the right to centre foreground, our guesses: FSO Syrena, GAZ Poreba, another Syrena, Mikrus MR-300.

the historic Summit Inn of Cajon Pass, California, destroyed by wildfire

One casualty of the raging wildfire in San Bernardino County: the Summit Inn, a popular roadside diner at the crest of historic Route 66.

Flames from the Blue Cut fire tore through the historic inn on Tuesday, according to video footage of the inferno.

After opening in 1952, the diner -- outfitted with red leather booths and walls adorned with memorabilia -- became a familiar spot for those traveling to and from the High Desert.

The Summit Inn, which recently changed ownership, had touted its celebrity clientele, including Pierce Brosnan, Clint Eastwood and Elvis Presley.