Wednesday, February 22, 2017

a model of the port of Brest two or three centuries ago

Another model diorama in the museum there.  The whole town had to be rebuilt following WW2, see earlier.

'who put the transpress nz book up there?'

Geneva car and motorbike show poster, 1948

trams in Oxford Street, Sydney, circa 1958

It looks like the second rake comprises 7 cars,


1939 Ford Prefect Sedan E03A

Seen in Haifa, Israel, with a 1950s Vanguard behind.  A better photo of one here

Islamic militants fire rockets at Israel from Sinai, twice this month

Israel's anti-missile defense system, the Iron Dome, in action
For the second time this month, militants have launched rockets towards Israel.

According to the Israeli military in a statement on Monday, two rockets fired from Egypt’s Sinai region struck Israel’s Eshkol region. The rockets caused no damage or casualties.

“Earlier today, projectiles launched from the Sinai Peninsula hit an open area in the Eshkol regional council. No injuries have been reported. Forces are searching the area,” said the IDF, reported the Guardian.

According to the Guardian, the rockets were fired after Amaq News, a media outlet run by ISIS-affiliated militants, claimed that four of its fighters were killed in Egypt’s North Sinai by an Israeli drone strike. Haaretz reports that a Palestinian man from Gaza, identiifed as Mohammed Id, was among those killed in the alleged Israeli strike.

The claims have not been confirmed by any Israeli or Egyptian authorities.

However, similar claims were made by Hamas after rockets were fired towards Israel’s Eilat earlier this month. According to the Guardian, Hamas accused Israel of killing two Palestinians in Egypt’s Sinai region via an airstrike.

Earlier this month, four rockets were fired towards Eilat, causing no damage or injuries.

It's likely this is 'sales propaganda' for ISIS and Hamas, rather than any expectation by them that it would do damage.  Most of their attacks in the last few years have been on Egyptian soldiers and policemen.

Clearly their presence in Sinai is proving hard to eradicate, despite surveillance and actions from both the Egyptian military and Israeli Defense Forces.

cars in Heretaunga Street, Hastings, 1950s

As can be seen, at the time of the spring Blossom Festival. The Morris J type half ton van was a common sight in NZ.

Sweden’s riots: Police forced to shoot at Muslim mob in capital – yet their Prime Minister is in denial

Sweden's capital Stockholm was plunged into chaos on Monday as police were forced to fire at rioters after violence erupted in an area described as high risk.

The terrifying scenes took place just hours after the country’s Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, slammed Donald Trump for claiming Sweden was in crisis as a result of its liberal refugee policy.

extra horsepower for the Lada?

Tay St tram, Invercargill circa 1912

Probably 1912 as that was the opening year and no motor cars are visible. See earlier posts and our books.